Did you take a fall?

Our new invention can help you

We all know someone who is a little clumsier than the rest. He may often trip up and stumble, e.g. on stairs, and he may sit down to put on his socks. Is this even a good description of you?

We are proud to introduce BalanceBomBom – an invention specially designed to boost balance.

BalanceBomBom is a revolutionary tool that strengthens your legs and improves your balancing skills.

We hope you will give your support to BalanceBomBom.

Improve your balance

Walking is typically a smooth motion created by putting one foot in front of the other. Unless you’re walking on an uneven surface, your walking pattern should feel steady and even.

Preventing loved ones from falling is a constant preoccupation for caregivers. Try these exercises to help you and those you care for stay on your feet. The good news is that balance is a skill that can be maintained and even improved.

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