The Story

This is a positive story

BalanceBomBom is an innovative product that helps to improve your balance. If you exercise your balancing skills, your balance and posture will improve.

Meet the Inventor

“My name is Peter Bindner. I come from Denmark. I invented BalanceBomBom to improve the balance of people all over the world. My invention takes a common issue and provides a natural, easy-to-use solution in a new form. With my team, I dream that BalanceBomBom will bring balance back to the world.”

My dream

“I designed BalanceBomBom to help people to retrain their balancing skills and prevent unnecessary falls. This innovative product can change the lives of adolescents, adults and seniors across the globe.

Support BalanceBomBom – Help me to fulfil my dream!”


By the time we reach 25, our strength and balance begin to deteriorate, with a greater risk of stumbling and falling.

Poor balance

If your balance isn’t up to scratch, you may find that small things like climbing stairs and stepping up and down curbs are a challenge. Train your balance and minimize the risk of falling.

Sitting down to tie your shoes?

If you have to sit down to tie your shoe laces or put your socks on, your balance is probably poor.

Watch our video

Introducing BalanceBomBom – an invention specially designed to boost balance.

BalanceBomBom is a revolutionary tool that strengthens your legs and improves your balancing skills.

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