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This is how it works

BalanceBomBom is nothing less than a stroke of genius! BalanceBomBom is revolutionary physical exercise equipment specially designed to make training balance fun. Strong balance is paramount for our movements and posture. To remain fit and healthy, you must exercise your balancing skills daily.

BalanceBomBom is made of beautiful Robinia beams and unique platforms.

BalanceBomBom is in no way a training tool you just stow away under your bed! You can use it outdoors all year round. Train with your friends, family and co-workers. Suitable for all ages.

1. The Beam Walk - one minute a day

Just walk along the BalanceBomBom beam. Looks easy? Don’t be deceived! The surface is flattened but only slightly. Walking along the beam is a little like walking a tightrope. BalanceBomBom tests your ability to walk in a straight line, and you discover your balance status. If you wobble, just walk the beam, walk it and keep on walking it every day. The beam is designed to present safe challenges. Just relax and enjoy feeling your balance improving day by day.

2.  The Gold Ring Challenge

When you have mastered the Beam Walk and can walk all 32 feet of the BalanceBomBom trail without falling off, you are ready to take on the Gold Ring Challenge. Walk along the beam, bend down and take up the ring from the platform. The movement requires concentration and (yes, you guessed!) good balance. Continue walking until you have collected all four gold rings along the trail.

3. The Padlock Challenge

When the Gold Ring Challenge gets too easy, you’re ready to progress to the Padlock Challenge. You use a key to unlock the padlock while balancing on the beam.

4. More fun challenges

As you and your family, friends and co-workers get used to using BalanceBomBom, you can develop any number of fantastic games and new challenges using the BalanceBomBom trail. The Golden Golf Club Challenge looks like great fun!

The final bell

The bell is located at the end of the BalanceBomBom trail. Imagine how fantastic it feels to ring the bell to celebrate completing the trail!

The BalanceBomBom kit contains:

  • 4 x 8’6”/2.5 meter beams made of natural Robinia timber

  • 8 x 3’6”/1 meter posts, made of natural Robinia timber

  • 4 gold-colored metal rings

  • 4 gold-colored metal hooks

  • 1 gold-colored bell

  • 4 gold-colored BalanceBomBom platforms

  • 8 long screws

  • 2 bits

Please note: Robinia is a natural wood product. The rustic look and varied circumference of the beams are to be expected. The wood may vary in color and it changes color when exposed to wind and weather. Robinia is self-impregnating. The wood requires no special care. Untreated, it will eventually acquire a beautiful patinated, silver gray surface. As the BalanceBomBom is specially manufactured, there is no right of withdrawal on this product.


We will add a personal touch by burning your initials in the wood (two letters) - on your BalanceBomBom.

You train your balance every day

Most of us move a great deal every day. When we move from walking to standing repeatedly during the day, we exercise our brain, our senses and our muscles. They work together, compensate for gravity and ensure that we do not fall.

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