New invention

BalanceBomBom - soon launching in 2023!

Introducing BalanceBomBom – an invention specially designed to boost balance.

BalanceBomBom is a revolutionary tool that strengthens your legs and improves your balancing skills.

As balance is essential for all our movements, it’s important to exercise your balancing skills every day. Everyone can use the BalanceBomBom. It is safe in every way.

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Introducing BalanceBomBom – an invention specially designed to boost balance.

BalanceBomBom is a revolutionary tool that strengthens your legs and improves your balancing skills.

Meet the inventor

“My name is Peter Bindner. I come from Denmark. I invented BalanceBomBom to improve the balance of people all over the world. My invention takes a common issue and provides a natural, easy-to-use solution in a new form. With my team, I dream that BalanceBomBom will bring balance back to the world.”

Seated more than ever!

Think about it! You spend more of your life sitting down than ever before. All of us do. People of all ages literally take life sitting down. Our sedentary lifestyle is bad news for our health because we fail to train up sufficient balancing skills. Maintaining physical balance is important in almost every life situation you can think of.

BalanceBomBom helps you to exercise and improve your balancing skills.

Avoid stumbling and falling!

Every year, millions of people take a fall. Every year in the US, one in four seniors has at least one fall.

Every year, US emergency departments treat three million seniors for fall injuries, and 800,000 patients are admitted to hospital due to a fall, most often a head injury or fractured hip.

New BalanceBomBom helps you regain your balance and prevent falls – everywhere in the world.

It has never been easier

BalanceBomBom is a revolutionary new tool that help to retrain your balancing skills. All you need is to walk on the beams for one minute a day!

BalanceBomBom helps strengthen your balancing skills and other crucial body functions:

  • Improves brain function

  • Helps you to relax and sleep better at nigh

  • Minimizes the risk of chronic diseases

  • Helps you to maintain a healthy body weight

  • Improves mood

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Have fun, smile and improve your balance

Enjoy the BalanceBomBom with your family and friends. Improve your balance together!

Amazing facts about Robinia wood

BalanceBomBom is made of Robinia wood. The timber is very durable and environmentally friendly.

Where to place BalanceBomBom

BalanceBomBom is easy to place in your backyard or on a lawn that belongs to your company or apartment complex. BalanceBomBom is made of beautiful, sustainable wood. The components have hand-made details and elegant gold platforms that add a touch of style to your backyard.

BalanceBomBom is designed to be visible. This is no ordinary fitness equipment that you can stow under your bed or in a closet.

BalanceBomBom is destined to become part of your new lifestyle – Still standing!

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The way to better balance

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