Seated more than ever?

Seated more than ever

Think about it! You spend more of your life sitting down than ever before. All of us do. People of all ages literally take life sitting down. Our sedentary lifestyle is bad news for our health because we fail to train up sufficient balancing skills. Maintaining physical balance is important in almost every life situation you can think of.

The Dangers of Sitting: Is sitting the new smoking?

A sedentary lifestyle can be hazardous to health. The less time you spend seated or lying down during the day, the better your chances of living a healthy life.

Recent studies in Europe and Australia showed that adults and children are spending more and more time watching TV/video, sitting at our desks at work and commuting. According to scientists, most of the US population spends three hours a day or more watching TV or videos.

Dr. Yin Cao of Washington University in St Louis, author of the US study, said, “It’s very concerning when there’s such an increase in sitting time on a national level across all age groups, especially taking into consideration the health risks that come with this.”

Source: The Guardian, April 2019

Even astronauts have poor balance!

Astronauts returning from long-duration missions face a new challenge when they get back to Earth – because their balance deteriorated while they were in space.

Astronauts often suffer from balance problems that lead to dizziness and they have difficulty standing, walking and turning corners when they return to normal gravity.

Source: National Space Biomedical Research Institute

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